Im currently looking to marry a scorpion so Im definitely excited. We compromise. Dont try to change scorpio. It is still your all zodiac signs past just pick yourself all zodiac signs and grow from it. I dont do things like this normally). This is just based on my own experience of 44 years and 7 of which have been with a counselor and therapist. I also told him that i dont feel he will ever be ready for a committed relationship with a quality female. We have been casusl friends for about nine years, and I have never looked at him in any other way. He's an idealist and, in a way, so is she. Its helped So many women and men learn how to communicate with a man, influence him to both share and unpack himself, and also get him to listen. He was a taker not a giver! I just read all the comments posted here, and I must say, they are all very interesting. Now that Ive told you what works with us let me tell you simply, if we dont feel manipulated and we trust you, we dont take that trust back unless we have clearly been harmed. I usually shut down in which i wind up not saying anything at all so he never really gets to know the inner me;but when he keeps prying and asking me whats wrong,,, eventually I explain whats on my mind and how I dont appreciate him not understanding or listening to what I have to say. Wat if we fall in love omg. Looking forward to a promising future!!! The horoscope gives the Virgo-Scorpio bond a bad love compatibility in principle, but all is not lost. Train in the gym harder, make more money to have nice things, provide safety, security and an immense showering of love by doing the things that are our mates love language. He is really matured guy.. Im Scorpio woman but I like a Virgo man but he has his girlfriend. They both encourage each other and magnify each others virtues. I found him to be so alluring and mysterious I couldnt help but flirt back. Everything is perfect But I just wish she was a little more affectionate & more open. I met an amazing Virgo at a new years party, she was and still is like no girl I have ever met. They are compulsive pathological liars, and have an addictive, self destructive personality. All she virgo ever did was critique critized and ran from me scorpio. I always seem like a scorpio man looking for the scorpio women. Maybe your Scorpio wasnt yet fully evolved, or had mitigating influences (mine is probably a bit older than most of yours and lived, loved, and learned a bit before coming into my life.) Amara: this is a song that you should listen to. But hanging out a handfull of times wont make me want to go steady with someone. Extroverted Evolving (willing to consider there is growth available and seeks to find truth and compassion towards others in all situations). Ooh yea i forgot. When we have all that- watch out, nothing you want will ever go unprovided for.. and we give 10x more in all situations than we get! Thing about Scorpio is, were basically solitary and selfish, but not nessecarily harmful, unless we are given what we consider a command. I am crazy about her. Someone commented about how to get rid of them, by giving them a list of everything thats wrong with them or that they do that hurts you and you wont hear back from them. At that time my mind begin to work in overdrive and thought pretty bad scenerios. He used to call all the time, shared everything with me, was romantic,possesive, jealous. You lack the common sense to understand a virgo womans TRUE nature, which is a loyal, loving, nurturing creature-that has your best interest at heart, shes not vindictive by nature! w/ my scorp man. You just described perfectly my relationship with the Scorpio man in my life. It's easy and scorpio man cancer and friendly relationship of a pisces and . His shit dont smell like roses!!! Especially this part, They NEVER say goodby because, they always want to come back. The Scorpio man's charisma and magnetic charm explode into a shower of sparks in the bedroom. Why do I feel like I amatter atong my own story. During those years I was in a new relationship with an entirely new man. Sometimes things should just be. No I lost my trust in all men now. 06 nov scorpio im seeking for a virgo women, @jaime, Im so very sorry for the interaction you had with a Scorpio Man. I am a virgo women and am currently in a relationship with a scorpio man. I am a Taurus guy(27), well I find this post interesting, I also wanna share, I met this Virgo girl 4 years back we are still great friends but somehow I fell in love with this girl, I dont know but all these years I was in Philippines, Jakarta, Dubai, Bahrain and a lot many places I had opportunity to settle down in any of these countries but I came back for her, In all these years only one thing was consistent that is my love for her, I always felt she loved me more than i do, after coming back also we could not meet as her and my job was in different cities so every weekend I used to travel almost 1000 kms just to see her once, sometimes I spend 8-10 hrs. However, even then, sex is the ultimate forte of these two signs when they are together, and they always do manage to perfect the art of . SO, he walked out, walked on foot for an hour to get home.. II just let him do whatever he wanted then. Help me!!!!! Blackenedbones 7 mo. She has my back and calls me on my $hit. Should be casual friends, and not casusl friends. D:) Im hesitant and have to give a lot of thought to someone before I decide to move ahead. The Virgo woman should be willing to give it a try. Both of them are ready to work tirelessly for the sake of financial stability, and in this matter to fully find mutual understanding. However, all Virgo are not the same; it is depend on the day and time she . Yes Im a pisces with aries qualities too. IN FACT PERFECT! I was QUIET, I said nothing. Save. I saw him up the road and He went out of his way to walk right past me no word. Scorpio Woman In Love. Virgo looks for someone emotional to share a life with, and if they share this emotion of Scorpio through their sexual relations, they will both find sex between them extremely satisfying. He loves truely and makes sure that Im happy always. ; As a mutable sign, a Virgo can tailor themselves to different situations in life as long as they can analyze the situation . I pray your Scorpio is not like that and I wish you all the best. the following week we met up (by chance I thought- only to find out it was orchestrated)and true to my virgo roots I was aloof and distant. Looking for a cancer man younger woman . But now I couldnt take it any more and said pretty hurtful things to him, after that we broke up. I am a virgo woman who has just started dating a scarpio man and I must say it has been great thus farI just hope all that is said about our compatibility is true..:), Your email address will not be published. I dont mind trying to make it work with my Scorpio man because I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that he will go to the end and back for me..this sceptical, mature VIRGO has spoken! Your email address will not be published. Shes smart, funny, sexy, flawed, etc I recognize shes not perfect, because hey nobody is. Well, needless-to-say she didnt contact me, so I didnt contact her. Remember for a virgo Nd a work..there has to BE TRUST & COMMUNICATION. Good luck. He would do efforts to make thing work out and it will be just fine. He fixes my car too he is a mechanic. On the other hand, Virgo pays attention to details and admires perfection. If you had a bad experience with a Scropio once, and you meet another who feels right, trust your instinct. i am a virgo in the truest since of the word, i have all of the good & bad qualitites of her too, mostly good! Scorps are insanely complicated and we get even, not mad, however, sometimes we get mad and then get even. But the truth is, I cant explain why we cant just get away from each other. We may be the text book example of taming of the shrew. I love him and he lovesme, i want him more than anything, and i would love to spend my ife with him. I am virgo woman.. We work together as a perfect team, well almost perfect. We all zodiac signs make mistakes its life you plural life learn and grow. This man definitely takes care of those he loves. Im a realist, I Hope my candor doesnt hurt you but it is what it is. But He showered me with gifts and says He loved me and asked me to marry him! Though it hurts more to see your loved one going away slowly-slowly but if its good for her than I dont care I am ready to bear thousand times more pain than I am in right now. and fall madly in love for a scorpio? Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility by Linda Goodman. Virgos are intelligent and sharp. I wonder why it was so hard to make this step before? I digress; I find so much in my life uncertain now. It goes deeper and touches something that is transformational. He is faithful, true and devoted and always provides everything that a woman of his life deserves. Intimacy brings out the deep sensuality and intense sex drive of Scorpio, while Virgo prefers quality over quantity. New research shows 80% of scorpio woman dating a man and scorpio. Virgo woman and prefers to be a gemini man, sex on the gemini woman love. Virgo man-Scorpio woman is the most intriguing couple of all zodiac signs. so finally i had enough, i wrote him scorp a very long email about all the hurt and pain he contiuously causes me and if he refuses to speak to me, i will have no choice but to end things, sure enough i never heard back from him. A Virgo woman makes love in an unsophisticated manner. Every Virgo ive known has cheated on their partners numerous times. So sorry about that. either way, as the rest of you virgo women know, I AM A CHAMELEON & STRONG ENOUGH TO SURVIVE!!! But she says she loves Nik. A short getaway would be useful but prepare for some complications especially if the Virgo woman's relatives are still in a precarious situation. A person with both Virgo and Scorpio placements/ energy in my natal chart here. @jamieask Oh my. But after all this time he kept silent said nothing to even stop me from leaving him. Image: Shutterstock. he expressed himself articulately and i was quite taken aback. He and I have this kind of connection that is deep and resonates what is written in the original post. Definitely agree, our connection was there before we even said a word to each other. if a woman tries to get him to listen when hes doing this it wont work until he has rebuilt. Then, one day, via e-mail, he decides to tell me he is in love with me. He takes pleasure in spoiling me by cooking for me and buying me little things here and there. I guess its all a part of learning as a couple. Blame my mother and father? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. and hate hurting someone. Oh yea. I will never date a Scorpio. I am a Virgo female & have found the Scorpio male to be easily misunderstood. Love compatibility between Scorpio woman and Virgo man. After leaving him, my scorpio man and I started hanging out more and Id think back and wonder why I ever left thins man in the first place. Keeping my guard up from them all. we are 100% compatible. When the straightforward Virgo man criticizes the emotional Scorpio woman, problems may emerge. All you Scorpios out theredont be afraid to open up and love your Virgos. lets just say i have not forgotten what i saw now either, since i get no reciprocity now anyway, it has reared its ugly head & infuriated me. I scorpio male say the past is the past leave it there leave it alone and just grow from it move on. Once trusting of you- similar tendencies as Extroverted Evolving. My Scorpio man and I have been together for 6 yrs. Aries March 21 - April 19; Taurus April 20 - May 20; Gemini May 21 - June 20; Cancer June 21 - July 22; Leo July 23 - Aug 22; Didnt mean to intrude on the scorpios and virgo site; just wanted to share and let you all know my experience with my scorpio husband. Give me $200 per paycheck for me and for our food when we go on dates outside. Im not saying that at all, but saying that maybe she needs this experience to see and learn from. Things had even gotten so bad in my relationship to the point of a violent fight, that my scorpio man drove 3 hours to where I was at to come pick me up! but still my heart aches for her sometimes I see bad dreams, I immediately call her and she also responds properly saying Main theek hun(I am okay). The bad apples out there will spam me for this email if it was helpful for anyone else that is having problems and is looking to understand. This is a woman whose intentions and inner states are often misunderstood. You try to be friendly and good but if they dont get want they want they leave. Virgo needs full disclosure and honesty once trust is established, and that can be a challenge for Scorpio. I have enough romance experience to know not to move quickly so it was obvious to give it some time. If a virgo woman thinks she is perfect and doesnt listen to scorpio man he will stop attempting to communicate This makes virgo woman suspicious and virgo and scorpio paranoia kick in scorpio / virgo together may have trust issues in turn the male scorpio will question virgos loyalties . What they like this, male and physical attraction and cons of capricorn man and cancer, male is deadly kind of the scorpio woman come together. Let this be known they wont give you anything unless they feel youve earned it! what defense do we have but LOVE, & even that GETS OLD! In the end, it is pretty easy, even if we have our moods and our moments. She sees the good in me and brings out the positive. But if taken seriously and understood they can make up even the biggest of problems. For three months, there not a single call from him, just a few messages here and there. He is all like you have time, i really dont, i have about 10 years left to find someone, get married, and have decently healthy children. They never communicate and they never break up with you, they just turn their back and avoid you! Now this feeling/perception on which they act can be real or imaginary. I have to admit ive thought of her everyday and I need help with what you all think I should do? She doesnt think the world or the man of her life owes her anything and that makes her self-sufficient. These signs are very similar and can usually relate quite well, sometimes refered to as two sides of . Im a Scorpio man with a hopeless crush on an amazing Virgo women as well. Virgo or Scorpio? I simply apologized I wasnt good enough and that Im happy she is being taken care of by another man). Water signs can drag you down into depression and into a well of negative emotions.All the best. He understands imperfection and knows that no one can be perfect. (though I am sad to say that things arnt how they used to be) @jamie- I am totally agree wid u and every single word is correct.I felt that u r narrating ma story. Man, that was long! but theres only one thing that bothers me, please hope u can tell me or advise me or something. Virgo Man with Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility, Virgo Love Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs, Scorpio Love Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs,, it always depends on the individual, and there are always other astrological factors to consider, but this pairing has a better than average shot. We light each others fire. Its hard for me to do, because there is a sense of not being in control. The time I took away to grieve (though I believe I will forever be grieving) resulted in a drift between me and the Virgo woman, because I didnt really talk to her (or anyone for that matter) while I grieved. One part of him looks upon the union between man and woman as a mystical experience, a holy thing. We met through a mutual friend (who happens to be my best friend) about two no! And, guessing that I am a bit older than most of you, I will say that life is large and you will meet many people along the way. Scorps start off great, thats how they get you..but then as you get to know them and fall in love, they reveal their dark side, no matter how much i loved him, i never trusted him, because he was capable of lying with a straight face and turning his back on me in a second, if i upset him. Would like to know more about virgo woman-scorpion man affair. I will be married to my Scorpio man 11 yrs Oct 17,2010.He was AMAZING when we dated gentle ,sweet, kind, soon as we married on our wedding night he started mentally abusing me never constimated marriage til 18 hrs later his choice not mine!!! This scorpio man loved me so much that, even after all that had happened, he gave me the choice to go back to the other man and hed still be here if i needed him. He would lie his way in and out of everything. Come out of your conservatism nd know that we want to take you there just as much as you want to take us there. Just a day ago her exs mother passed away in a car accident at 48. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and wisdom. Virgo ladies, if your Scorpio man starts with his bullshit mind games, turn the conversation concrete with facts and figures, there is no counter to that, and dont let him pull you into that subjective emotional ocean and drown you. N den back wid his lies n fake storys. She is a born homemaker with a great imagination and splendid creativity. He would abandon me and our relationship for days and disappear without a word. From Linda Goodman's book A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN'S LOVE SIGNS. Whats even more crazy is about 10 years ago I had a relationship with a bisexual Virgo girl and about 16 years ago I had a fling with a Virgo women who when I turned her marriage offer down went lesbian. I know Virgette but I cant help feeling vindictive nad spiteful I know in the end it wont help but I think it would make me feel so much better. It is lik my relationship has veen talked here. The Virgo and Pisces compatibility is 50/50; it can be either heaven or hell. Shed enever agree that we have things in common nd would get irritated if i picked them out. Thats more to do with the way male and female brains develop because of testosterone, rather than Zodiac Sign. He's a flexible earth sign while you're a stable water sign, but once the two of you lock in on a common goal, nothing can. So many virgo/sagg relationships. They deeply respect, love and cherish one another. 4. Its like even though we were apart, our love was always there for each other. Lo and behold: the day after that he inboxes me on FB saying he has been thinking about me. In order for this relationship to really work, she has to understand his broad range of deep, intense emotions. He used to call all the time, shared everything with me, was romantic,possesive, jealous. Love is always a gift, even if sometimes convoluted, and you question the wisdom of the moment. He would keep everything from me, his thoughts, his feelings, you never knew what he was thinking, and when i would catch him in lies, he would become verbally abusive and then punish me by not speaking to me for days. As a Virgo woman, Id like to say that this compatability post holds truth but needs to add a pound of salt to it. Women love to talk about the problem and try to fix it and men love to analyze it first then talk about it. Ahh its awful but I feel if there is no hope for anything else with us then the worse is already over. But im not afraid to admit my faults and try to change them. But look back and analyze yourself and figure where you also screwed up. You shouldnt judge all Scorpios because of one experience. I always reread our messages and it blows me away how deep our conversations are. In 2yrs he only bought me 2 gifts and only because i had to ask. Wow! the story becomes interesting because he is my one of my big brothers childhood friends. He is usually success hungry, and takes short, calculated and precise steps to reach the desired destination. Answer (1 of 5): generally speaking, Virgo and Scorpio are a good match. And now that I have finally met again another Scorpio man I going for it. So I didnt either. I kept asking him that whats wrong, why are you behaving like this, but he just said that he will tell me. He helps her to understand that everyone has imperfections and one needs to love one another with those imperfections, and not for what other wants someone to become. ; The symbol for Virgo is a virgin, or a woman, representing fertility and wisdom. He is one person who loves luxury and comforts immensely. I just like being judged before anyone knows me especially just because of the date i was born. The attraction was immediate, and I knew from the very first date that I was in big trouble (good trouble.) Quiet and recluse- He tries really, really hard to please me in EVERY way possible in and out of the bed! Were actually very loving/ caring individuals. He wanted me to tell him all the time that where i am going and with whom, but he didnt shared a single thing to me, i didnt know anythning about his life, nothing. Few days back, we broke up after which i said pretty bad things to him and he just said that i am the reason of all this. Virgo woman can remain in her opinion as perfectthen Come on this site and slate a scorpio. Son I tried to cool it off with him but he wouldnt let me.. Im learning the importance of communicating how I feel instead of shutting down and putting up a wall like I use to. Then he always comes back and the cycle starts again, always ending in a very sad and hurtful place. Pisces and Scorpio. Hell slowly back away, carefully, the whole time not allowing what he needs to be pulled from him till he is ready. So, fast-forward back to meeting this Virgo woman, it should come to no surprise then that in first meeting her I initially thought nothing of her. He isnt perfect and neither am I but when we are together we just work. What a dick head you sound really nice and i hope you make him want to have when he cant. Of all the pairings in the zodiac, Virgo and Scorpio may just make one of the most unexpectedly compatible duos. I am currently speaking to a Scorpio man and I am a Virgo woman. I dont have to be anything but who I am, nor he anything but who he is, to make things work. I wish everything will be right with you and your scorpio. But she's no pushover. He may truly love you that time and cant resist your Virgo charm, leaving you is the right but painful choice for him. Tell us HOW what you want would make you feel, let us know that things we do bring you closer to us and that it helps you feel PROTECTED and taken care of. We only know we can trust ourselves, we back into a corner and scheme a way out of being trapped by someone we are hurt by. I have many Scorpio friends and most of them male. So I just stuck with it. Where the Virgo sees the imperfection as the end of the matter te Scorpio will look into the reasons why and work with it or walk away drawing a lesson from the experience. I am a Virgo woman, and I have always gotten along very well with a Scorpio man as friends. 1 year and a 1/4 later He just leaves with out a word He gives me the silent treatment and leaves me wondering, is it over? The match between a Scorpio man and a Virgo woman is strong in values, morality, and ideals, making a lovely marriage bond possible. In a romantic relationship, a Scorpio man is typically very loyal. Another Scorpio is best friends with my Aries ex. They also both benefit from spending a long time growing friendships and relationships. You are each dealing with conflict that leaves you sensitive to your reputation. we have been on a few dates, and the atmosphere is just so intense with so much passion i feel like i cant breathe! Virgo has a peaceful approach to love. For three months it kept going on like this, i was losing my mind,i told him that i m hurt, if he doesnt love me then we should end this,but he said he did love me but that he didnt liked my behavior, i asked him to meet me, so that we can clear things up, but everytime he said that he will confirm about meeting, which never happened. I wasnt initially going to let her back into my life so easily, but after some soul searching of which I still have so much more to do I realize that if I miss her, or any of my friends, I should probably be more open to them. We meet in October witch is right around the corner and I seem to be falling fast faster than I have before with any man and I was married for 5 years. Rest assured though Scorpio male has now grown and learnt the importance of communication and has learnt from the failed relationship His next partner will now benefit greatly from the person he has grown to be and going forwards if he finds happiness warmth intimacy and communication he sought in his time with virgo female else where.. If you're a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man, make sure to utilize your strengths to the best of your ability. Even paid for my brake pads for $400. But hes so FINE and the sex is AMAZING!!! Now Im in the Australian army, after my assesment next week its off to trainin for about 5 months or so. If he tells you he doesnt want a relationship, then he doesnt want one. Virgo and Scorpio are very compatible. So just in the last 2 weeks things starting to heat up significantly and I couldnt hold back anymore It finally felt right to make a move. At that time i was so fed up, hurt, felt manipulated ,mentally exhausted, used, that i said pretty bad things to him. Sex is about power for Mars in Scorpio man, and he lives for it. We have been together 30 years and no one thought we would make it past our 1st Anniversary. very hot headed, i abhore unfairness & scorps are very unfair. Is it easy for scorpio guy didnt appreciate what virgo girl did such as take her love for granted. Earth signs are stable emotionally. My husband and I fit this almost too a T. Incredible. When talking about this, he told me that his actions are what speaks for him, not always his words. With their Quiet, analytical and intuitive mind they themselves appear to be enough mysterious to many guys (scorp is not an exception to Somehow even i have felt that Virgo women are really one of the most desirable of all the zodiacs..Discriminating an Level-headed always is what sets them apart from others..And i appreciate your analysis of female signs of zodiacs..where Virgo not only radiates beauty / grace but also charms with her sensible / grounded traits!! and whenever he did anything remotely nice for me he would say dont get used to it. The Virgo man and Scorpio woman are considered to be soulmates by the zodiac, but there are many things that a Scorpio woman has to offer the Virgo man. She is also known to have a higher level of passion . Im only jealous because she is an amazing woman nd im possessive of all her beauty Nd grace. can esty play the piano unorthodox, where does george ezra live now, louisiana child support laws 2021,

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