We love all of our rabbits and make sure they have social interaction on a daily basis. A reputable breeder will never try to sell you rabbits in poor health as they not only love their rabbits but they value their reputation in the rabbit breeding community. Big Red Rabbitry Holland Lops nothing_special_rabbitry@yahoo.com $850 Merl.. 2 male rabbits about 2 years old, both are not neutered so should be kept away from denia.. White/Grey lop bunny for sale (almost 2 years old), large cage, large bag of hay, large b.. Hi, my kids and I love our lop-eared bunny but I am allergic to it and I need to find it .. Wadsworth, Illinois strugglebusfarm@gmail.com Attention!!! I would love a Holland or mini lop with floppy ears. smilesbylinc@hotmail.com Bred for show or pets. Wauconda, Illinois At night they are returned to their hutches. We are ARBA members and attend about one show a month due to work, school and sports schedules. Fox Lake, Illinois Seller Name: Theresa Greene Location: Bluford, Illinois Rabbit Breed(s): English Angora, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf Rabbi read more, Seller Name: CLAUDETTE TAPOCIK Location: SACRAMENTO, CA Rabbit Breed(s): HOLLAND LOP Rabbitry Website: HOLLYWOODRABBITS.C read more, Seller Name: Nanette LaGrange Location: Essex, IL Rabbit Breed(s): Lionhead Rabbitry Website: Nanettes Lionhead Rabbit read more, Seller Name: Theresa Greene Location: Bluford Illinois 62814 Rabbit Breed(s): English Angoras, Lionhead Rabbitry Website: read more, Find: Rabbits for Sale in Illinois | Post your Own Illinois Rabbit Classified. Lacon, Illinois No fancy breeds, just your main fryer rabbits. Standard Rex Rabbits My stock is selected on the basis of performance in the nestbox, hutch, show table, and meat tray. vargasj22308@gmail.com. We were blessed with the very first, very rare Lemon and White Puggle, the equally rare Chocolate Tri Puggle, a nd originator of the even more rare, blue-eyed, Lilac (Blue) Puggle, with and without bi-coloured coats. Please contact us with any questions. and have been raising rabbits since 1985. Rex, New Zealand, German Angora Batavia, Illinois In Blue & Black. Rockos Rabbitry WWW.daveslionsandlops.weebly.com diamondvrabbits@excite.com, Amanda Earles English Angora, Angora Lop Ear My address is 1302 County Road 345 E, Albion, Illinois 62806. at the Polish Nationals 2 years in a row. JC Bunny Ranch The most important breed features are the long fur and an evenly silvered coat. I also show Flemish giants in 4-h. Are not pedigree. Champagne D Argents, New Zealand whites, Crossbreds McNabb, Illinois Mini Rex Flemish Giant All rabbits are raised in a family environment with adults, children and other animals. Mini Lop, White KCs Rabbit Ranch Comes with c.. Very good rabbits I have breeding stock for salecall if you need any, THANKS! We sell show quality pedigreed light gray Flemish Giants. New Zealands, Mini Rex, Lops, Lion Heads Wappela, Illinois fullcirclebunnies@gmail.com, Miranda Miller Rex Moonbay Rabbitry and Homestead Plainfield, Illinois She is litter box trained and likes cuddles. Rex colors that we focus on : Black,Blue, Chocolate, Harlequin, Lilac, Otter (black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac), and Tri-color. (815)238-5519, Carol Walsh Activity - Low. Edwardsville, Illinois GRANITE CITY, Illinois To get your new rabbit set up complete with food, rabbit enclosure and necessary supplies you can expect to pay around $300 to $400 on top of your initial rabbit purchase. I breed quality French Angoras, I only sell show quality stock. Before paying for a new rabbit its essential that you have performed a health check on each potential rabbit candidate. Willing to negotiate, she comes with all the necessary things such as food, bedding, a wa.. 2 male rabbits about 2 years old, both are not neutered so should be kept away from denial rabbits. So you need to make sure that the pair of rabbits you buy, can live together in harmony. I got my ARBA Registrars License in 1989, and was very active showing. Find Cats. New Zealand Red, Black, Broken Black, Blue, Broken Blue, Gold tipped steel. Celtic Corner Rabbitry Quality over quantity. Our French Lops and German Angoras all have complete pedigrees, our Dutch have partial pedigrees at the moment but we are working to improve our lines. Animal They are in a controlled 70* environment year round. Check out our Facebook page Meadows Bluff Farm. Rabbits can become quite lonely if left in a cage all day without another rabbit for company. Mason City, Illinois Aledo, Illinois Price $50 each. Two rabbits are 3 years old. I have lots to choose from and some of my Dutch babies have won first place at fairs! My 11 year old daughter and I raise Jersey Woolies because they are beyond cute, ridiculously soft, and their calm and friendly demeanor makes them one of the very best pets. French Lop, Dutch, German Angora Emma is described as timid a more. I have raised rabbits for 9 years! Dutch, Holland Lops, Mini Lops and Flemish Giants Welcome to Magnolia Acres Puggles and Magnolia Acres Beagles, located in northern Illinois. (217)499-3269, Dana Scott Also, a rabbit that is smaller in size and loves to play and be held by people. please feel free to call or email me. If you are looking for a nice Netherland Dwarf to show, breed or as a pet, take a look at our website. New Zealand Rabbitry We keep our rabbitry clean, and safe for both the rabbits and the people visiting. Standard Rex We breed for quality and raise champion rabbits for show, meat and pets. Dutch, New Zealand, Champagne DArgent Livestock face book page is The Mini Farm @buyfresheggs We focus mainly on Netherland Dwarfs in all shaded varieties, sable and smoke martens, chestnuts, and oranges. Super healthy rabbits raised in extra clean environment with spacious living areas. RM Rabbitry Nanettes Lion Head Rabbitry Bred with love and care. Anyway; last year my grandson started 4-H and guess what; he started with RABBITS , and said, Grampa you need to get some rabbits again. JKs Flemish Giants (217)494-0807, William Marke Grant Park, Illinois I only have four right now, but looking to expand fast. New Zealand Red When you are vetting rabbit breeders, take the time to visit their breeding facility. Search filters. Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, New Zealands Flemish Giant, Flemish Giant Fawn I have minirex solids and brokens, purebreds and mixes. J & IS Rabbitry earles78@yahoo.com Serving our rabbits is every bunnys delight and your welcome to call us to see if we have what youre looking for!! Illinois. Also raising flemish giants for pets and livestock breeders. Lt. Brown. Male goes by Chips and is mostly white and broken brown spots. They are gray and white rabbits some are brown and gray i need to rehome them i have no s.. Two half brother bunnies (with hutch) for sale to a loving home. Size - 10 to 22 pounds; 20 to 30 inches long. They get 1/2 a cup of pellets a day along with oats and hay. Find Illinois Rabbit Breeders in your area using our online rabbit classifieds network, Find Rabbits for Sale in Illinois using our Illinois Rabbit Classifieds, More State Rabbit Breeder Links: Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Texas. Jersey Wooly Cooksville, Illinois Has initials tated on ear. lilred822002@yahoo.com I Raising Champion Rabbits for Show, Pets, And Meat. . 6 blue and one lilac male silverfox. The Rabbit Hut 6303836162, Carolyne Jimenez Lovington, Illinois New Zealand Whites, Rex Sweet temperament. BuckWild Rabbitry This will be determined by the uniqueness of the breed, where you purchased your pet rabbit from and whether they are spayed or neutered. Bauer Bunnies Have many years experience in raising high quality, prize winning show rabbits in multiple breeds. Chatham, Illinois Dixon , Illinois Presently raising rabbits for commercial sells, which includes white new Zealand & white Californians. Needs an experienced rabbit owner. We started it because during answering ads for rabbits to show we occasionally found rabbits in poor conditions in need of care. Harlequins- Japanese and Siamese Satins All of our rabbits have pedigrees. R Wild Hare Rabbitry We have several breeds available. Huntley, Illinois Our babies are kept in large play pens with different tunnels, hides, and toys to explore once they leave the nest, until they are adopted. Cissa Park, Illinois Small rabbit, white or gold Flemish Giant Members of ARBA. Our rabbits are not bred right after a litter. We prefer to tame our rabbits before sending them off to homes with children and other pets. Oblong, Illinois we have had lots of grand champion bunnies threw the year. Tim Alison, Caleb, Sarah, Luke and Logan. Rabbits are friendly and spoiled with treats. Our goal is to raise top quality show and 4H rabbits. She is very smart and has so much training potential. Great Pyrenees are not pets for inside a home. I have New Zealands that need to go!! we live in a charming small city in northern, il. Exceptionally tame breed for younger children and 4-h showing. I have flemish giants in fawn and sandy and black they range from ages 3 to 6 months. Member of ARBAView Detail, I am a home-based Holland Lop rabbitry raising pet and show quality rabbits. When you buy a pet rabbit you can expect to pay anywhere from between $50 to $200 or more for the initial purchase. I have 4 brown rabbits, 1 black one, 3 multi-colored ones, and one gray one. Lake County, IL American Chinchilla Rabbits Purebred Pedigree New 5 months ago racquel.gehrig Illinois, United States We have Purebred American Chinchilla Rabbits for sale. Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop No shipping. WildRiver Rabbitry We have rabbits that have won Best of Variety and Best of Breed. Mars Quality Rabbits Desexed rabbits are generally happier, healthier, less prone to territorial and destructive chewing behaviors. img61854@hotmail.com We just started back up in 2010. Hanna City, Illinois Obert Rabbitry (217)737-2718, Theresa Greene We have Champagnes and Mini Lops. burtandpat@hotmail.com mklinner@hotmail.com, Coatsburg, Illinois Alexis DeBord We are a very small rabbitry with only 10 holes. Adopt a rescue rabbit or bring home a rabbit through PetCurious. gardenbunnyfarm@hotmail.com, Joshua Shepherd Bone Gap Rabbitry 2174970276, Jessica Smith New Zealand, Red and Broken Red New Zealands This includes cleaning their cages, purchasing and supplying their food and taking time to play with them each day. www.facebook.com/daveslionsandlops Please tell me exactly what you desire. Will be avaiable at 8 weeks. Well, it didnt take much convincing. New Zealand Rabbits, black and broken. Main color being worked on is Seals which I love. Tans and New Zealands Our bloodlines include Camelots, Schwandts, Lovs, Narrogons, Klosters. I am a spinner and knitter as well. The Rabbits Hutch Centralia, Illinois Generally speaking, when you buy a rabbit from an animal shelter or a rescue you can expect to pay less than you would from a pet store or a breeder. RabbitsForSale.com - Copyright 2022 - All Rights Reserved. La Place, Illinois jshepherd89@hotmail.com mklinner@hotmail.com, Sam Miller First set of immunizations done. 815-378-2730, Joaquin Acuna Chicago, Illinois Barry, Illinois 2 does for $100 Rabbit adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Rabbit a second chance and caring environment. Due to hardships at the beginning of 2021 we closed our business down and no longer raise and sell rabbits. Coltswesternshop@gmail.com I don't know what sex the rabbit is but he/she is very sweet. Decatur, IL (618)882-8546. Big lovable Rabbits! Before buying a new rabbit, visit the local shelter or rescue and talk to the staff. I have does and bucks. Used to kids and dogs and cats. It comes with cage, toys and food.View Detail, I'm selling my bunny because I don't have time to take care of her. Located in East Central Illinois. 8159011280, Twila Coffey Size - 10 to 22 pounds; 20 to 30 inches long. Californian, New Zealands (m-70) and Mini Rex What to expect when buying from a rabbit breeder. (309)212-7276, Michael Walkup grover128@yahoo.com, MICHELLE REED We feed several different vegetables daily, as well as hay, pellets, vitamins, and occasional treats. Now taking non refundable deposit of $500.00 hold .. Petersburg , Illinois The Holland Lop is a breed of rabbit originating in the Netherlands. Holland lops, and Red New Zealands Champion Ranch Rabbitry 2 Ads. FurSashe Harden Osydney04@gmail.com 34 Ads. We also raise poultry. Very loving. Flora, Illinois I have had winners at previous fairs and I have litters year round. Californians, New Zealands and Rex. We are a small rabbitry- with only 25 holes. They need socialization, affection and some outdoor roaming time if you can manage to keep them safe from predators. Stella is a Holland Lop and Rinley is a Harlequin. Decatur, Illinois Aurora, Illinois Lakewood, IL I show in ARBA and 4H and all of my rabbits are proven and healthy. Carrier Mills, Illinois Specializing in pedigreed Show Quality Mini Rex. I have mainly stack cages but I do have one hanging cage. jerrold.fisher@gmail.com Netherland Dwarfs is it illegal to kill a bobcat in texas, nate breske salary,

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